Sunday, August 16, 2009

Farewell Okinawa

We are now far far away from Okinawa. But it was a great two years we will always treasure.
Things we miss about Okinawa, in no particular order:
turquoise colored water
stepping in for a dive off the seawall
the amazing cafes
fabu curry house for dinner
the produce market behind camp shields
seaside walks at araha or sunabe, zanpa or maeda
the Japanese pride in workmanship and attention to detail
safety of one's person and property
Skymark flights to mainland Japan
weekend trips to Zamami, or Okuma, or wherever...if only we had more weekends
bento boxes, especially those sold in random places by elderly ladies

So for those of you still in Okinawa - don't let the annoyances get you down. Rise above irritations like Mediatti (the worst cable company in the world), and not being able to read the menu or the events listing, and the fact that it always seems to rain on your weekend off. Get out, explore, order the set lunch no matter what might be in it, and trust that the Japanese people will almost always do the right thing. Find a favorite cafe, and keep going back there. Spent a lot of time looking at the sea.